The topography, soils, climate and laws of the Rocky Mountains, especially any waterfront property, are extremely unique. Home Waters has a network of experienced professionals to help you navigate the technical waters of rural property development. Home Waters does not make commission on referrals to any firms, we simply want our clients to get the very best and to make project development as easy as possible.

Please call us and we can provide you a list of professionals who we’ve worked with successfully on many projects.


The Aspen area is home to some of the world’s best architects, designers, and builders. There is no shortage of design professionals to fit your personal style.  Let us help you sort through the best of the best. 


The mountain west can be dry and windy one minute and pouring rain the next. Our mercurial climate and rocky soils are tempered by surprisingly lush vegetation in many areas and of course breathtaking views. Choose a firm who understands the sensitivities of riparian habitats and permitting.


Let us help you find your dream property, then align you with the best tax attorney and local land trust to help you preserve the scenic and cultural heritage of your property.  Let us help you preserve the dream. 


Anglers want healthy fish. Healthy fish need a healthy stream ecosystem. We can direct you to stream ecologists, wetland restoration and stream modification experts.  


Riverfront soil is rocky and requires a professional assessment for structural issues, including potential subsidence. We’ll help you through this due diligence process and file all well permit paperwork or change forms required by the State. 


Getting the best deal and highest quality when building on a lot or remodeling is the highest priority for buyers. We have a network of both residential and commercial general contractors and specialists.